Printer Says
Not Likely
Most printers count pages-they Do Not  Measure  Toner  left in your cartridges
Once the printer reaches a certain page count-the printer sends a signal  "Toner Low" or "Out of Toner"
(Your printer may even stop working until you replace your cartridge)

Often there is plenty of toner left in your cartridges to get up to hundreds of extra pages.  
The color printers are notorious for doing this

I know this because I remanufacture old "out of toner" cartridges and there is usually
plenty of toner left to get extra pages  
I have instructions to easily reset your printer so they "think" the cartridges are full.  Instructions can be entered through your menu.

I have instructions to reset your toner cartridge

I also have instructions to reset the Drum Units on many Brother printers
(these can often go 1 or 2 more cycles)
Send me the name and model of your printer
$7 for instructions

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